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Subud PNW Needs Help

Currently SPNW income from groups is about $1100 monthly, while fixed expenses are $2200. We are falling short $1100 monthly. By June 1, we would be down to $100 in the operating fund, but the board just authorized a transfer from the general fund.

Please ask yourself what you can do to help.
SPNW is currently setting up a direct link to PayPal for donations.  In the meantime there is a donations page with instructions.
Here’s the link:

Subud PNW Valentine Kedjiwan, Register by 2/12

Please join the PNW Regional helpers for a Kejiwaan afternoon of Latihan and testing on Sunday, Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2021.
During this celebration of the heart, we focus on love, and healing for ourselves and for all of humanity.

Call in Latihan starts @ 11 am with quiet @ 11:15 am. Testing of 5 questions to follow after Latihan. For those who wish to share, there is a Zoom check in @ 1pm.

For security reasons, you need to register with Hadijah O’Bar at hadijahobar@comcast.net

With Love,
Rosalyn, Elisa, Margarite
David, Leonard, Albert

Call in information:
Men & women may dial in using any of the 3 phone numbers below, then use either the men’s or women’s code below to access your call.

Women’s latihan line: use Code 2426147
Men’s latihan line: use Code 8632438

Rachman’s Menucha report

Quick snapshot of our last Menucha event:

For me (Rachman)  it was interesting in how smoothly everything went! I seemed to find myself wherever I needed to be, met who I needed to meet and experienced what I needed to experience! In past Menuchas sometimes I would feel out of place with more ups and downs but this time everything seemed in sync!

I especially liked the spontaneous ‘Virtues’ workshop of people hanging out in the ‘Barn’ with Joyce O’Halloran. I was a reluctant participant but very glad that I was drawn in by the sincerity and willingness of those in attendance!  Some really deep work occurred that seemed to be of benefit to all who participated.  Thanks, Joyce!

Another workshop that was powerful for me had to do with sounds. A young woman named Grace brought sound bowls and had us add our voices to sounds emanating from the bowls. With some hesitance I allowed my voice to be explored and heard!  It was a truly liberating feeling! Near the end of the session we were sorted into groups of three with the idea to direct sounds of healing toward each other.  I was touched by how well it worked in our little group! All the sounds were different for each of us depending on our different individual needs. On my turn sounds were directed toward healing pains in my back and it actually felt better afterward!  I cannot comment on what others received but it was remarkable to me that healing energy seemed to flow out though sounds that I made!

I had not participated in the entertainment for many years but upon walking into the Wright Hall entrance Frederick Branchflower ordered me to put my name on the board with all the other entertainers. It is hard to say ‘no’ to Frederick so I wrote my name at the end! I sang a song prayer that I had received years ago that I had not done publicly until now. It felt good to finally share it. Thanks, Frederick!

The main testing was always done in the morning ( I am not a ‘morning’ person!) so I missed that part of Menucha but heard that it went well and generated some strong experiences for those who took part.

Other workshops had glowing reports of transformative effects with beneficial results dealing with current issues and world problems.

Getting to meet old and new friends was especially heart warming for me!  We truly are brothers and sisters who love and cherish being with each other!  I really felt the love going in both directions!

The Menucha retreat has always been the highlight of my Subud year and this one was no exception!  It seemed that I received just what I needed!  Amazingly the only times I have been disappointed with Menucha is when I have failed to attend!  See you next time?

New friends and the Columbia Gorge!


Beata Alexander and Rachman


Leandra and T

Maryka and David Lynch