Basement Flood

Ricardo had “a feeling” to check the Subud House on September 18th, and sure enough, he found one of the hoses on and water in the basement. He reported this to Oswald, as Jim was taking a well-deserved vacation. Oswald reported the damage to our insurance company, and he and Marston arranged for a company to remove the water and dry the whole area, and for the carpets in the men’s hall to be cleaned. The carpets should be back in 2-3 weeks. Ricardo and Oswald trained a camera on the stairwell that leads to the basement, and Ricardo replaced the outdoor faucets with some that are tamper-proof. Thanks to Ricardo’s follow-through on his guidance, and Oswald and Marston’s quick response there is no lasting damage.

One thought on “Basement Flood

  1. Rayma Norton

    Thanks for your summary of the basement flood, Bhakti.
    Thank to all the responders who took care if addressing the incident befor there was permanent damage.

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