Updated Mask Policy

Updated Mask Policy

1.  We do not insist that everyone must wear a mask while we meet inside, even though most of us continue to wear masks during group latihan, for our own protection and for the protection of those we come home to; and

2.  We do not check anyone’s vaccination status before allowing them to participate in group latihan.

Flexibility with responsibility…
We are not obligated to wear a mask, it is up to us, but be considerate and respectful. Like when  having a cough, to please wear one.
We need to be sensitive to our beliefs, but also be “normal” as Bapak always reminded us, and also respect the science.
There are members whose health or those of their families are fragile and need to wear a mask, so as to not expose their family to anything they may be exposed to when in the presence of other people.
Comments from another helper:
several senior helpers in Indonesia received that viruses originate from the animal life forces and while we do group latihan, our whole being and the atmosphere in the room is enveloped and protected by the higher forces, so nobody would need to be worried about anybody else during the group latihan.  That’s why at least several groups in Indonesia like the Sleman group never wore masks during group latihan, and nothing ever happened to any of them.  When I tested about this for myself, my receiving was the same as that of those Indonesian helpers.  Other helpers in the country and in other zones also felt that the receiving of those helpers was right.  The rest of you can explore this in testing if you want.  Of course, there’s also the two other issues with wearing masks during group latihan that I mentioned in my previous email, namely the freedom of movement and the fact that even one’s breath needs freedom to be purified in the latihan.
 IBU RAHAYU’S guidance issued 2 years ago: Her advice was/is to follow our government and science guidelines and mandates.

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