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World Congress Assistance Fund

Subud Greater Seattle is offering two grants (at least $260 in cash plus free registration, lunch and dinner, and a round-trip bus fare from Mexico City Airport to Puebla) to assist two members to attend the Subud World Congress 2014 in Puebla, Mexico from August 2 – 17, 2014.

Anyone that is a member in the region may apply, but they must show the ability to pay for their lodging (approx. $30/day for 14 days plus airfare which is approximately $700 round trip).

For more information on the congress go to:

As many of us know, World Congresses are often life changing experiences since we connect with the global nature of Subud and we often deepen our latihan experience. Sharing and doing latihan on a truly global scale with members from now over 50 countries can be a very life changing experience. Plus, connecting with the rich culture of Puebla, Mexico, an ancient colonial city, is also a plus.

If you have not donated to this fund please give a check to Subud PNW-Greater Seattle Center and earmark it World Congress Travel Fund. If we have more funds we can give more grants and assist more to go to congress. Give the funds to Sherwin O’Bar, our Treasurer, or mail to Subud Greater Seattle, 1101 15th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122-4523.

If a member wishes to apply for a grant please email and he will send an application form to be filled out by May 20 and the final decision of who gets grants will be made by May 31, 2014. The grant review committee is made up of Marston Gregory, Sherwin O’Bar and Oswald Norton.

New Ibu Rahayu Talk with Subtitles Now Online

Ibu Rahayu gave a talk recently, a Talk to Members on August 2th, a Night of Power.
To view the video of the talk, go to:


Once on the site, go to Ibu Rahayu Talks (video) and scroll down to this video.

This is message from Vernon Contessa, moderator of the site.

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FAMILY CAMP 2013 – August 30 – September 1

Beach at Camp Indanola Camp Indianola Beach Main Hall Camp Indianola

Subud Pacific Northwest


To come to our 2013 end of Summer “Family Camp”

Registration Due by August 14th

WHAT: A fun-filled weekend with your Subud Family, all ages, all types of families and individuals welcome! (Please, keep the furry creatures at home J)

WHEN: Friday, August 30th – Sunday, September 1st

WHERE: Camp Indianola on the Puget Sound in Washington

ACTIVITIES: Arts and Crafts; Swinging on the Rope Swing; Beach & Nature Walks; Latihan; Swimming in the Sound; Ping Pong; Fort Building; Foosball; Singing; Basketball; Volleyball; Card & Board Games; Chillin’ with your friends; Capture the Flag; and of course, Campfires & S’mores!

Want more info?

Please Contact, Robina Page:

360 223 5443 or

DON’T MISS OUT on the end of Summer FUN! Register TODAY!!!

24th Year of Menucha

The 24th Year of Menucha
November 8th – 11th (2012)

Nestled along the Washington-Oregon state line, in the wind-swept and river-carved Columbia Gorge, there is a beautiful place called ‘Menucha’. For over twenty years, SUBUD Pacific Northwest has held its regional kedjiwaan gathering here. However, without you, SUBUD members near and far, it’s is only a place, a dot on the map, an intersection of grid lines, a vacant, if cozy, chateau.

The Regional Helpers and Committee are now gearing up to meet you with open arms and hearts. To rediscover the still and open space that can truly speak to the needs of the members of our region and any visitors from the greater Subud sphere. This is your open invitation to become part of the 24th year of the Menucha experience— join us to listen and be listened to, sing, dance, write, sit, sleep, eat, think, us-think, lose yourself, find yourself, all of the above, none of the above, any combination listed— or not. It is all open, it’s all about you.

This year registration is online –

World Congress Site Goes Live

Puebla, Mexico

Puebla, Mexico

The website for the next World Congress in August, 2014 is now available for viewing. Go to www.subudworldcongress Local member, Marston Gregory is Treasurer for the event and has been actively working on the team with many trips to Puebla. He reports that the venue should be a wonderful site surrounded by historic buildings some from the 17th Century. The registration online will be available in a few weeks. The reason the site is up so early is to allow members to pay 30% down and then create their own payment plan. The congress registration fees are the lowest in years and discounts can be applied for if you are in any country including the U.S.

This will be the cheapest congress for North American’s since Spokane. Flights also into Mexico City from Seattle are plentiful. Shuttles will pick up members for a small fee and shuttle the hotels. Be aware, Puebla has only a few flight directly into the city and at a higher cost through Dallas or Houston. The trip by bus is the best option and can be booked through your registration online.

Be sure to register early to get the Early Bird rate, before November 30. Due to it location and it’s low cost, it should be an amazing two week congress. To get a hotel close to the site, book early. A list of hotels will be up in May. Many hotels are giving us discounted rates. There are over 1000 hotel rooms within walking distance to the convention center.

Two other team members used to live in the Seattle area, Lucida Garneau (building our online registration program with Cvent; now in Eastern Canada) and Debbie Machado-Santos who was opened in Seattle who is our Customer Service Representative to answer questions and assist with Lodging.

Only 15 months now until the congress unfolds!