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Donations Not Keeping the Subud House Going

Women's Latihan Hall/Chapel

Women’s Latihan Hall/Chapel

From Sherwin Obar:

People may ask what is the difference between the Seattle Subud House and the Spring Street Center?  They are both the same building and there is nothing in the building distinguishing House from Center. 

But rather than getting into a phantom of the opera back and forth, let me tap out a few thoughts  on the costs of maintaining the building. 
For starters, there are utilities–electricity, gas, water, refuse and recycling aka curbside collection, and sewage.  These average about $1,000 monthly. Then there is house cleaning and various routine supplies and light maintenance–painting, fixing the thermostat–and these are about $400 monthly to $500monthly.  Add on another $100 a month for insurance and we have average  monthly expenses of about $1,500.

A current guess is that 10% to 20% of the $1,500, or up to $300 monthly, is due to rentals and so of course this cost should be and is covered by rental fees.

However, at minimum about $1,200 of these costs will occur whether or not there are Center rentals. So this means Subud member donations need to average $1,200 monthly to cover costs that are House generated.  To date this year thru June member donations are about $2,000 less than needed to cover House expenses thru June.
Thanks to all for your continuing and future monetary contributions to sustain the Seattle Subud House.

We have the following options:

Put cash in the donation box in Seattle or Eastside. If you wish a tax deduction for cash please put in envelop or add a note so we can send you tax receipt at year end.
Write and Check and put in box in Seattle or Eastside.
Setup an autopay with your bank through your bank’s “Bill pay function” and have check send each month (easiest way since we often forget.


Make a donation with a debit or credit card here: 

Remember no amount is too small.