This Friday Eastside General Meeting

Bradford Center

Bradford Center, 700 108th NE, Bellevue, WA

Come to the East Side!!! What: General Meeting. When: July 19 at the SGS rented facilites at the Bradford Center of UCC Bellevue, on the corner of NE 8th and 108th NE. We will meet after the 7:45pm Latihan. Look forward to seeing you there.

Kedjiwan day: Sunday July 28 after Latihan at Spring Street Center. Testing!!!

* * *

Fasting during Ramadan? During the Ramadan fast (July 9th – to August 8th), those who are fasting and attending the Monday and Thursday latihans in Seattle are invited to pray and breakfast with a cup of Tea at 6:30. This will be hosted by Abideen Ranjith, one of our local helpers.

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