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July Subud Voice Now Online

July Subud Voice Issue is available at www.subudvoice.net

For the latest on Kalimantan see an excellent movie narrated by Mansur Geiger (with Indonesian subtitles) about how we address environmental issues affecting our mining activities in Kalimantan.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHR1vVV1dds&feature=youtu.be

Also in this issue:
The Arrow that Pierced my Heart (similar spiritual experiences of St Teresa of Avila, Bapak and Rozak Tatebe)
Latest Reports from Kalimantan Gold
Amanecer Now
A Subud World Bank by Rashad Pollard
Almut Zieher reflects on the nature of youth and family in Subud
The Spirit of Anugraha Continues by Luqman Leckie
Changes to the YES Quest



See the July Subud Voice Issue at www.subudvoice.net “This is a photo from the pioneering days of our mineral exploration in Kalimantan when Mansur Geiger and his crew dragged canoes up rivers (in this case the Baroi River).