Creating Our Future

Subud Greater Seattle
Creating Our Future

Step Two: Exploring our options
Sunday April 17th after latihan.

Please bring something to share for the potluck before the meeting.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On Friday, January 22, at our Eastside Facilities, 13 of us met to discuss the Future of Subud Greater Seattle.

At our last session we explored:
– I want our Subud House to be around for the next (choose one)
– For a moment think of your local Subud Community
– What is your hope for your community?
– What support and tools are needed to realize these hopes?

It was a great event that got everyone thinking about our future as a Subud Community.

This meeting is about exploring our options.  Please join us!  Bring your excitement and thoughts about the future we can create together.

Love, Oswald Norton, Event Facilitator

Leandra's notes

Leandra’s notes

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