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Building Repairs Fund

I am looking for members willing to contribute over and above their regular contributions to build up savings for our next repair.  iTrip bookings for the remainder of the year will be able to cover some of our costs. Current bookings indicate that income from Spring Street Center will not be enough.

Our next big project is to repair the siding on the South side of our building. We need to replace both the siding and the shingles there. Current cost estimates are around $22K.

I am beginning fund raising efforts now to cover these costs. 

Matching Funds needed

Our family pledges $500 toward this effort, which we will contribute immediately. I am looking for other families willing to either put up other matching funds, or just contribute to this effort.  Please consider donating so that we can preserve our building now and into the future for ourselves and Subud members to come. 

Please earmark donations “Building Repairs Fund” when contributing to it. 

Article contributed by Oswald Norton