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Dear All,

Attached is the fruit of several months of PreCongress working party conference calls, plus input from other experts and members of the National Committee and the Governance Sub-Committee, refining and approving the initial bylaws proposal given to us by the Governance Sub-Committee some three months ago.

Virtually every line has been gone over at least once in a series of telephone conference calls. However, even now, before we vote in July to accept the newly revised bylaws, there is still room for more refinement (with consensus).

Please feel free to share this with anyone and everyone: in your group, in your region. We will be asking delegates for their pre-Congress support for this document as the product of between 25 and 30 highly motivated members’ input, with many others’ input over the course of two years work. We’ll ask that you signify your support by email to me:, for tallying and presentation at a plenary session of Congress.

Your Recorder,
Miryam Gordon

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