Eid fast potluck interest?  Short general meeting and kedjiwaan day

Many Thanks to Jim O’Halloran, Rayma and Oswald Norton for their work November 13th on the Fall Cleanup at the Subud House.

We can have a potluck for Idul Fitri, and can have the living room, kitchen, and bathroom in the Subud house any time after 4 PM Sunday, May first, or any time May second or third.
Are you interested?  If so what day, and what time would you prefer?  Currently we have this scheduled for May first at 4PM.  Officially, according to the ISNA website, Idul FItri in the USA would be May 3rd; but, as always, there is quite a divergence of opinions on this.  Let us know if you have a preference-or, more important, if you are interested!
We will have a short general meeting May 8th after latihan, followed by a kedjiwaan day including testing.  Please also consider testing if a position on the regional board would be right for you.  The regional congress will be in Portland the following week, the 15th of May.
You will have a chance on May 8th to see our new South wall, which may well be completed by then!  Please keep those donations coming, this is a large, costly project.  Your committee thanks you!
Jim O’Halloran