Dewan Meeting Minutes Dec 4, 2016


Attendees:  Ramon, Sherwin and Hadijah O’Bar, Hadiyah Carlyle, Marston Gregory, Jim O’Halloran.

FinanciaL:  Sherwin reported:  Revenue:  $82,104 (including donations of $13,958 and Airbnb  of $62,483).

Expenses:  $84,997 (rental expense of $38,235 and house improvements of $12,071)

Excess of Expense over Revenue: $2,893.

Subud Dewan Committee:

Ramon will ask SPNW for a loan of up to $5000. We have a major expense coming up with the sewer and tree roots which has been a long standing issue. Unanimously passed.

$1200 of SGS funds will be donated to SPNW. In spite of SGS projecting a $4,000 or more shortfall; SGS will send the usual contribution and it was unanimously passed.

Repairs:  Marston reported that Bob Oates will do the sewer repairs at $9500 plus tax.  This was the lowest and best bid.  They will put a liner in because of the root issues.  We can pay in three payments over a ninety day period.

We also approved up to $400 plus tax to replace the bed upstairs as there have been complaints. (After the meeting, Martson found another way by putting boards in so we don’t have to use the amount designated.

Ramon suggested we have a business plan for 2017.  The testing should be on the business relationship to the group and boundaries around the business in regards to growth and overall goals.  The practice of paying $100 per month for updates to the SGS website was discussed and the question was asked does this cover AIrBnb updates also.  It’s unclear.  Ramon will seek clarity on this.

The Dewan meeting regarding independent contractor compensation and operating agreement was discussed.  The definition of what the Dewan is  was briefly discussed with the key point being the Committee is ultimately responsible for business decisions with the helpers supporting the committee from a spiritual viewpoint.

Ramon said he would be willing to stand for another year as chair.  It would be great to have that continuity for another year. All present were in agreement. 

Party – Jan 1.  We designated $200 for food for the SD fundraising party on Jan 1.  We will ask people to  pay a minimum of $10.00.

New Year’s Day Jan 1 Subud party and Susila Dharma fundraiser.

Annual Meeting will be Sunday Jan 29 after latihan

Respectfully submitted by Hadiyah Carlyle, Sec’y