Notes from Jim

Garden day
Thank you volunteers for helping out this last Sunday for our garden day!
Ornamental plants were placed and planted, trees were trimmed, borders edged, bushes pruned, beds raked, sidewalks were tidied, and grass was mowed.
Let’s hear it for Marston, Oswald, Elisha, Dalton, Lisa, and Lucinda!
We had hoped to get a group photo, but when we were ready, some of our helpful volunteers had left.
Below are a few photographs.
Kedjiwaan day
We have the house reserved for an event  Sunday, May 14th.  Please ask the local helpers what they have in mind!
General meeting
We’ll have one in the basement hall or in the park across the street Sunday June 25.
We will present a proposed 12-month budget, a list of projects accomplished, and updates.