Calling Subud Poets 2

International Subud Poetry Anthology – call for submissions

I’ve been reading and listening to poetry by my Subud brothers and sisters for years and there’s no doubt in my mind that we are getting better and better at it.  I’d like to celebrate this by putting together an anthology of poetry by Subud members from all over the world. I invite you to send me three of your best poems along with a brief bio. I hope to have the anthology sequenced, edited, checked, designed and printed some time next year, well before the World Congress in Mexico.
Please email your poems to me at: Deadline end of 2012.
Thank you
Emmanuel Williams

This project is sponsored by SICA International.

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About Paul

A Subud member since 2004, a local helper and the Rental Agent for Subud Greater Seattle since 2011, Paul helps manage the Subud Greater Seattle website, is a poet with 4 published books on poetry and poetics and is father to two beautiful girls.