Dewan Meeting Minutes July 12, 2015

Subud Greater Seattle Committee Meeting Minutes, July 12, 2015

Attendees:  Ramon, Hadijah and Sherwin O’Bar, Abideen Gunatilaka, Hariana Chilstrom, Hadiyah Carlyle

June meeting minutes reviewed and approved.

FINANCIAL REPORT:  Sherwin reported that we should end the year financially okay.  Air B&B is doing well but member donations are down.  There are a lot of costs in running the house so we are asking members to please donate.  We have a beautiful latihan space that we would like to keep available.  David completed the ramp project, he’s been paid, and we now have a elegant and working ramp.

SPRING STREET CENTER:  Ramon said the contract with Paul has been finished and he will send it out to the committee for approval. Since we don’t want to wait until the next meeting, we are asking committee members to email their approval.

Ramon will also follow up with Marston and the Branchflowers about a rug for the main latihan room.  The Branchflowers have a rug that they are willing to donate which would greatly enhance the room.

Flooring for the main latihan room – We will wait until the next meeting when Marston can report on the estimates.

GARAGE SALE:  We recommend that the garage sale be postponed until the fall when more members and people are around.


We discussed the issue and made the following recommendations:

Subud groups wishing to use the house should book the event in a reasonable amount of time.  We are recommending three months notice for in season and two months notice for out of season.

We are asking the following for reimbursement for the weekend.  $600 for full use of the house and $300 for partial use of the house.  We want and welcome to Subud groups to use the facility but we would like to have our base costs met.

Ramon will notify Subud USA, region and wings about the new policy.

Hadijah suggested that the table be replaced in the dining room and if no one claims it to put it for sale in the garage sale in the fall.  Hadijah will buy matching tablecloths which are needed.


July 19 after latihan.  Potluck SGS and end of Ramadan social. 
Please bring instruments, games and a good time.

August 2 – General meeting.  We are overdue for a general meeting so please come and bring some food to share.  After latihan. August 9 – Committee meeting 9:00 am

Respectfully submitted,  Hadiyah Carlyle, Secretary