Dewan Meeting Minutes Nov 8, 2015


Submitted by Hadiyah Carlyle, Secretary

ATTENDEES:  Ramon, Hadijah and Sherwin O’Bar, Jim O’Halloran, Hadiyah Carlyle

October meeting minutes approved  unanimously.

FINANCIAL  REPORT:  The Dewan unanimously voted on increasing  loan payments  to national from $100.00 a month to $200.00. to pay off the loan. The PNW payment will stay the same.

October 2015 year to date financial report:  Revenue (member donations +rentals) is $68,280.  Expenses are $62,881, resulting in a net income of $5,399.  AirB&B rentals are going down for the winter season.  Member donations through October are $11,757 and it is very unlikely we will reach the 2015 member donation budget of $20,000.  Although results through October are favorable they are driven by rental revenue’s from the summer season and rental revenues will decline on average over the next four to five months resulting in less favorable monthly and to date results compared to results through October. Members again are encouraged to provide donations.


NOVEMBER 29 Kejiwaan day for men only.  The women helpers opted out because of holiday and family time.  In the new year both the women and men helpers will have a Kejiwaan day.

DECEMBER 20 HOLIDAY PARTY at Subud house in Seattle after latihan.  Marston will setup a tree.  Hadijah will coordinate the food and decorations.  PLEASE SAVE THE DATE AND BRING YOURSELF.  Holiday entertainment!!!!!!

JANUARY 22, 2016 – There will be a general membership meeting on the east side after latihan.  Ramon will send out a letter on the website concerning a beginning conversation with members about the Subud Greater Seattle house.

Census:  Helpers hope to deal with the upcoming census more expediently.

Facilities:  Hadijah suggested our beautiful rugs need to be cleaned.  Jim will ask Lucinda about someone she knows.

DECEMBER 6, 2015 – Next Dewan meeting 9:00 am.