Dewan Meeting Minutes Feb 14, 2016

Subud Dewan Meeting Minutes Feb 14, 2016

Submitted by Hadiyah  Carlyle

Attendees:  Ramon, Sherwin and Hadijah O’Bar, Marston Gregory, Halstein  Stralberg, Hadiyah Carlyle, Abideen  Gunatilaka.

Minutes from Jan 17, 2016 approved  unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Revenues for January were $4,633 (member donations $1,075, Airbnb $3,558)

Expenses were $5,401

Expenses exceeded revenue by $768

It is noted that about $7000 of work is needed now to repair the upstairs bathroom, and so although we expect revenue will increase in the next several months, these revenues will be needed to support the upstairs bathroom repair.


We had a lively discussion of the running of the Spring Street Center.  Marston will call meeting soon with Paul, Rachel, Abideen, and Ramon as chair to work out  procedures for keeping the beds made etc.

Since the upstairs bathroom is in need of repair Marston presented a detailed report of our options.  The committee voted unanimously to accept Marston’s recommendations:  Bathfitters to do the one day job of redoing the bathtub with a tub liner for $4460 plus tax and maybe an additional $300 fee depending on needs of the bathtub.  Marston and Sherwin will meet with Bathfitters to sign contract and financing agreement.

This will be financed over 1 year, with no interest.

David needs to send an official quote by Friday for the window (window needs to be expanded for the tub liner).  The cost is $1800..  Also, David  Lynch should include again quote for door which we have needed for along time so there is an escape in case of fire. The quote is for $1500.00.

Marston will try to schedule these repairs so they are completed before the Regional Congress on March 19.  We are hoping for no more than 2 days with no upstair access to bathroom.

Marston got a bid for insulation.  We have very little insulation in the house and it is costing a lot to keep it heated or cooled in summer.  Marston is looking into if we can do the insulation in two phases and also perhaps applying for grants.

Sherwin brought up about continuing our conversation about long range goals for Subud Greater Seattle.  Ramon said we will meet in April at the Seattle Subud House.

Spring Street Center:

Since Paul was out of town he submitted a report.  Income above in financial report.  This month marks Paul’s   5th anniversary as Rental agent.  Paul’s done a great job booking the air B&B.

Helper Reports:

Women – Hadijah reported that women helpers met yesterday (Feb13) and tested around what women helpers need and what are the needs of the group and how can we support that.  The testing was beneficial.  Lorraine is not an inactive helper.  She has been dedicated and hope she will come back.  Pilar is now an active helper.

Men- Men are low on helpers.  The Church on the east side is closing March 31 and there will be a small rent increase for the new church facilities.  We are now paying $135 month.

Census – The census is basically done and has been sent to Sebastian.  There are some small outstanding things to take care of.

National Congress is in July in Indianapolis and we need to elect two delegates.  Halstein says he would like to go. Daniel will be finishing his term as USA Chair.

Next Dewan meeting:  March 6 at 10:00 am (please note time change).