Dewan Meeting Minutes, Regional Congress

Here are some of the minutes of the last local Dewan Meeting:


March 13, 2016

Attendees:  Ramon, Sherwin and Hadijah O’Bar, Halstein Stralberg, Hadiyah Carlyle

Minutes approved from 2/14/16. (See them here.)

Submitted by Hadiyah Carlyle, Sec’y


Revenues through February were $7,465 (member donations $2,025, Airbnb $5,440)

Expenses were $12,824

*Expenses exceeded revenue by $5,359

It is noted that about $7000 of work is needed now to repair the upstairs bathroom, and although we expect revenue will increase in the next several months, these revenue will be needed to support the upstairs bathroom repair.

Regional Meeting:

Hadijah will coordinate food for lunch this coming Sat (3.19) for the Regional Congress.  Sunday there may be testing.  New regional committee will be chosen Sat. There will be a potluck on Saturday, so please bring something tasty. READ MORE