What Makes a Killer Potluck?

Fruit LoopsAs a way to prepare for the REGIONAL CONGRESS THIS SATURDAY (3.19.16) AT 10:15AM, we did an unscientific survey of Subud Greater Seattle members about the dishes and qualities that make up the best potlucks. Some of the more telling answers:

  1. Catering.
  2. Inviting Bahá’ís.
  3. Gluten Free Options.
  4. Vegan Options.
  5. Let Alexa cook.
  6. Dessert, Dessert and more Dessert.
  7. Chicken.
  8. Corndogs or anything on a stick.
  9. Fish.
  10. Beef.
  11. Chips and Salsa (but REAL GOOD CHIPS).
  12. Pork, Pork and more Pork.
  13. Rainier Ale.
  14. Fried Tofu.
  15. Fruit Loops.
  16. Kale, Kale and more Kale.
  17. Let Subud Skagit Valley/Bellingham do all the cooking.
  18. Fizzy water.
  19. Anything but corn.

Corn DogsAnything missing? Bring it! Latihan might provide SPIRITUAL sustenance and your regional Brothers and Sisters can elect WONDERFUL CANDIDATES for the Regional Dewan (as they did last time) but only YOU can make the potluck great. Say no to Costco lasagne. Bring out your best.


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