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Kedijiwaan Day Huge Success

The first Seattle Kedjiwaan Day in many months happened Saturday, December 9, 2017, at the Subud House in Seattle. With meticulous planning by the Subud PNW Regional Helpers, Elisha Gullixson, Elizabeth Flanders, Benjamin Boyce, Isadora Roth and Oswald Norton, the day started with a strong Latihan and then had an opening circle.

Elisha Gullixson, Subud PNW Regional Helper sets the ground rules

The opening circle tradition comes out of Menucha and many members, still buzzing from their Menucha experience from a month ago are running with the momentum that long-time annual Subud event provides. That members can talk about the issues in their own lives, as well as their hopes for the day, has a cathartic effect for individuals and deepens compassion and understanding in general. Members who felt they were not appreciated, or just needed a hug, or were at a crossroads in their personal lives had a chance to articulate and find relief, support, or at least a path forward by day’s end.

For the opening circle, it was suggested members talk about what is happening in their lives and what they hoped for Subud Greater Seattle, with a three minute time limit.

Hanafi Libman and Aaron Mann, the bird feeders

One of the more humorous moments was when two members, local helper Hanafi Libman and Subud PNW Chair Aaron Mann, (attending from Spokane) discussed how one of the pleasures in their own lives was watching the wildlife attracted to their respective bird feeders. Aaron mentioned that neighborhood turkeys have found his stash and must negotiate the squirrels, who quite nimbly get their share of sunflower seeds.

A potluck lunch followed, with modified picadillo and sugar-free upside cake being two of the highlights. The attendees decided after lunch to have another latihan and then attend to personal testing, awareness testing and other activities. Awareness testing was described by one attendee as “waking up your body to the latihan” as members were allowed the opportunity to experience how the latihan felt in different parts of the body.

Many members left smiling and Subud Greater Seattle Chair Honora Hildreth suggested we should plan on doing this again in a couple of months. What a great way to deepen harmony in our community!




New Regional Chair

Robina Page, Alexandra ter Horst and Oswald Norton Sept 27, 2014

Robina Page, Alexandra ter Horst and Oswald Norton Sept 27, 2014

The 2014 Subud Pacific Northwest Regional Congress happened Saturday and Sunday, September 27 & 28 at the Portland Subud House. Latihan at 11 was followed by lunch in the Men’s Latihan Hall of the beautiful house that has been home to Subud in Portland for nearly 40 years. Following lunch was the group reports from Subud communities in the region: Skagit County, Seattle and Portland, as well as some discussion about isolated members in the region. Sherwin O’Bar gave an extensive financial report and his skills were lauded by the gathered and Sebastian Tedrow represented the Subud U.S. National Office. Chair Daniel Stralberg was celebrating the, or recovering from, the birth of the third daughter born to him and Sarah. The baby’s name is Rozaria.

Sarah Stralberg & Daughters

Sarah Stralberg & Daughters

New officers were tested and elected, with Marius Harold, Congress Chair, presiding over the proceedings once outgoing Chair Robina Page turned the event over to him.

Portland’s Alexandra Ter Horst was elected the new Chair of Subud Pacific Northwest. Oswald Norton was named Vice-Chair. Their term is for 18 months, as it was decided by the gathered that the Regional Congress be moved to March since it no longer takes place at the annual Family Camp event.

One other item mentioned was the need to reach out to Subud members in British Columbia and beginning to embrace a more bioregional approach to the “Pacific Northwest” region.

Oswald Norton the new Subud USA Executive Director

National Dewan E-News #11
February, 2012
From the National Committee

New Executive Director: After an extensive process, Oswald Norton has been selected to become the Executive Director for Subud USA beginning May 15. The national committee and board received five outstanding applications for the position. Three independent evaluators, who were all either former committee or board members, reviewed the paper applications (resumes, proposals, time lines, and letters of reference). They used a rating form for each of the candidates. Simultaneously, the members of the national committee interviewed each of the five candidates, taking turns asking eleven questions and rating their responses. The candidates’ composite scores from the paper and interview ratings along with a summary of each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses were then given to the voting members of the board of directors. In a conference call (which included the national committee, six of the seven national helpers, and all but one of the regional chairpersons), the candidates’ qualifications were discussed and then all tested what qualities were needed in an executive director for Subud USA at this time and then how the qualities of the finalists matched the qualities needed. Finally, there was a vote.

Oswald Norton

From Oswald Norton: “I live in Bellevue, Washington with my wife Rayma and daughter Rosalind. I am currently a helper with the Greater Seattle group. My Subud experience includes group chair, zonal representative, group treasurer, co-chair Subud California Regional Congress and, most recently, co-presenting workshops on leadership at Menucha. My work life has been in three phases. The first was in the theater where I worked with artists in opera, mime and musical comedy worlds. The second and longest has been in IT sales and management where I  worked for Microtraffic Systems, The Moore Group, Branchflower Software, Microsoft,  Starbucks and Homegrocer.com on multi-year and multi-million dollar projects whose goals included improving processes and  procedures for organizations. The final phase (so far) of work life has been doing organizational development at Microsoft. My education includes training in  helping organizations thrive and grow stronger. I will bring these skills, experience and my passion for helping the Subud USA organization to the  position of executive director for SUSA which I now gratefully accept.”