Subud Dewan Meeting Minutes 9/7/14

Main event decided during this meeting:
Announcing the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the Seattle Subud House.  Sunday, October 12th.

This month’s minutes also include:

  • Financial Report – Sherwin O’Bar
  • Men and Women Helper Report – state of the dewan.
    In Seattle, Eastside and the Olympia area.
  • Spring Street Center Report– Paul and Marston
  • Sica Event:  In Celebration of International Peace Day, on Saturday September 20th at 7 pm there will be a Poems for Peace Celebration at the Spring Street Center.
  • PNW Regional Meeting and Selection of new Regional Chair 9/27 in Portland
  • PNW Regional Kedjiwan Retreat: At Menucha Conference Center: November 6-9
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