Free Tickets!   Last Regional Kedjiwaan at Menucha!  General Meeting!  Annual Meeting and Selection of New Officers!

We have five free tickets to the Cascadia poetry Festival.
They will be available first come-first served.  Please contact our Subud Brother Paul.
General Meeting!
Sunday, October 29th after Latihan, agenda coming soon!  We will meet in the Womens’ hall as we will not have access to the entire house.
Annual General Meeting and election of officers Sunday January 14, 2023 after Latihan.
Please consider testing if you should be the next chair or vice chair.  The previous committee has served since January 2017.  I’t time for a new committee.  The current members are happy to provide history, context and guidance.
Regional Kedjiwaan Registration will close this coming Monday 10/9, for the Subud Pacific Northwest gathering.  The last one at Menucha. 
Message from our SPNW Vice Chair, Honora Drew:

“It is exciting to see the names as registrations come in.  If you join us, you will see folks who haven’t been to a gathering in a while, and some who are fairly new to Subud.  Come find renewed community, deepened Latihan’s, and new conversations.   Help us honor this wonderful place one last time!”We’ve opened up more slots in the Barn and there is still space available in Ballard and Wright Hall. We’ve priced this year’s event to make it more affordable for our members to attend this last event at this location. All day passes allowed by Menucha are sold out, but “Top Bunk” (Economy Dorm) and Barn places are still available for just a little more money.( you can sleep elsewhere) 3 days for only $285, or 2 for $180. 

To immediately register for this event, please use this link