Ramadan is coming!

Month of ancestors begins March 3, and Ramadan will begin April 2.  Many test to determine how they should observe these events.

Ramadan 2022

Ramadan 2016Ramadan this year will begin April 2. While Subud members are not required to observe Ramadan, there can be many benefits for those who do and many Subud members do observe it as a way of reevaluating their lives and connection to the divine.

There was a great post on the Subud California site last year with many tips, including those for the “inner fast” which is a good idea for anyone, not just people observing the month-long ritual. They are:

Fasting includes the following restraints or abstentions:

  • Do not use your ears to listen to gossip, quarrels or bad words.
  • Do not use your mouth to say anything wrong or unkind.
  • Do not use your emotions to reach the emotions (passions) of others.
  • Do not use your eyes in a way that is not good or nice.
  • Do not use the heart or mind to imagine or think about unhappy things, fantasies or unrealities.
  • Do not eat or drink or smoke between dawn and sunset each day.

Ideally, couples refrain from having sexual relations during the whole month, or, if they cannot do that, at least during the hours of the fast.