SUSA Archive Interviews

Subud USA is helping the SUSA Archives project conduct interviews with long-time Subud members in Seattle, March 4-6, 2022. These interviews are to focus on one’s life in Subud and Subud experiences. Benjamin Boyce and Paul Nelson will be conducting interviews and the schedule is below. All interviews will be conducted in the women’s Latihan hall at the Seattle Subud House.


5:00 – Paul Nelson with Benjamin Boyce


10am – Jim and Lucinda O’Halloran with Paul Nelson
11am – Elisha Gullixson with Paul Nelson
12N – Sebastian and Lorraine Tedrow with Paul Nelson
2pm – Evan and Annie Padilla with Benjamin Boyce
3pm – Halstein Stralberg with with Benjamin Boyce
4pm – Daniel Stralberg with Benjamin Boyce
5pm – Halimah Bellows with Benjamin Boyce


12N – Danela Mauguin with Paul Nelson
1pm – Sebastian Tedrow and Chuck Cary with Paul Nelson
2pm – Hanafi Libman with Benjamin Boyce

The archives project is prioritizing older members. We expect there will be future weekends when interviews are conducted for those who were missed the first time. All interviews have been confirmed by the interviewers and the SUSA Archives project, led by Lucas Boladian and Matthew Clark, with the assistance of Laura Paterson.

Ibu Rahayu has asked that these interviews not be made available to the general public, which of course includes posting on Facebook and other social media sites. The SUSA Archives committee is doing everything possible to ensure these interviews are conducted and presented in the best way. Individual members are asked to refrain from conducting interviews without working in concert with the SUSA Archives effort, which has been going on for almost two years and has taken care to address legal, ethical and other issues in the best way possible.

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A Subud member since 2004, a local helper and the Rental Agent for Subud Greater Seattle from 2011, to 2020 Paul is a poet with 5 published books on poetry and poetics and is father to two beautiful girls.