General Meeting this Sunday after Latihan

The General Meeting for all Subud Greater Seattle Members is scheduled for Zoom this Sunday. Watch for an email on Friday with all the handouts for the meeting, but here is a preview of the agenda:

Proposed Annual general meeting agenda
Moment of quiet

minutes, annual meeting 1-31-20 and general meeting 8-30-20
Helpers’ reports
Approval for lump sums to SPNW & SDUSA
 in-person latihans
itrips update: Net $539 for December, getting estimates for water damage in rooms 2 & 3, revisiting parking permit.
Statement from committee:  We’re willing to work in our roles in 2021 to define and refine the SGS roles.  We may think outside the box; we get to decide how to recreate roles to best serve the group.
wings reports SICA (Paul), Marston MSF,  SES/AmasCafe,  Evan SD