General Meeting Sunday, 40th Anniversary 10.12

Dear Subud-ites,

This Sunday (10.5) after Latihan we will hold our general meeting. Among the topics on the agenda are the ratification or elimination of the House guidelines set up a couple of years ago to deal with some incidents that create a feeling in some people that the Subud House was not a safe place.

The Men’s testing showed little support for continuing the guidelines, but showed that the need for harmony in the dewan has been an issue for over 25 years and began to institute a latihan after the regular Sunday latihan, specifically for harmony at Subud Greater Seattle.

* * *

Subud Greater Seattle's Building in 1974

Subud Greater Seattle’s Building in 1974

Sunday, October 12th we will celebrate 40 years in the Seattle Subud House. There will be a potluck after latihan and perhaps the Tedrows will talk about the process of acquiring the Subud House and anyone who cares to can talk about what they see happening to Subud Greater Seattle in the next 40. Let us give thanks for having such a nice place to do latihan.