Dewan Meeting Minutes July 23, 2017

SUBUD GREATER SEATTLE COMMITTEE MINUTES                                                 July 23, 2017

ATTENDEES: Honora, Jim O’Halloran, Hadiyah Carlyle, Marston Gregory (ex-officio).

Minutes from June 25, 2017 were approved unanimously.

FINANCIAL: Sherwin had an unexpected emergency so could not attend.


Honora is working to coordinate the calendar and is in touch with Hadijah O’Bar, helper.

The Volunteer Celebration is planned for Oct 15, 2017. Lorraine has sent a letter outlining this celebration: the purpose of this event is to celebrate our history as a group and the many people who have contributed to the functioning of our group. The following have agreed to be responsible for designated tasks: Overall coordination – Lorraine. Inspiration, vision, and invitations – Hadiyah. Food – Debbie, Clean Up – Jim.

We discussed the cost and propose a $15 donation per person; no one will be left out if they can’t contribute.

Marston submitted a letter outlining recent projects (see last month’s SGS newsletter). His updates about current and future projects are very helpful.

A Regional Helper visit is planned for September 2017, but a firm date has not been set yet for this visit. Honora will arrange for the visit.

The results of the dewan testing on harmony and communication were not available. There were no helpers present to present them, so we tabled this for next month.


Honora will talk to Oswald about setting up an SGS Meeting on the East side. Either Sept. 8 or Sept. 15 has been designated for the meeting to focus on communication and member updates.

A plan has been worked out for the regional monthly phone meeting. Jim will be back up to Honora.

Jim brought up the lack of active helpers at this meeting, and the frequent absence of men helpers in all the Dewan meetings. To encourage participation, Honora will email all the helpers with the dates of the meetings.

Future Meetings: the next Dewan Latihan will be Aug. 6 at 10:00 am. The next Dewan meeting will be at 9:30 on Aug. 20.

Respectfully submitted

Hadiyah Carlyle, Secretary