You are invited to a Canadian Subud Retreat!

Hi Everyone in the Western Region.

As I thought, some Subud members appreciate reminders, because 10 registrations came in after the last one! But, this is your final chance, as the registration deadline for this year’s Bethlehem Retreat is September 10 – just one week away.

  • Some have asked:“Who is already registered?”
  • Here they are:
  • Regional/Isolated members:

Maemunah Doran (Regional Helper)

Ramon Kubicek (National Helper)

Rohana Laing (National Helper)

Margaret Pattinson

Rohanna Rae

Camille Roberts

Subud Vancouver:

Ayira Heart

Neil Huestis

Lambert Bazinet

Emma Bazinet

Karen Tennock

Ivar Wik (applicant)

Sandra Olsen

Hanafi von Hahn

Rohana von Hahn

Lucas Hille

Estella Kuchta

Nur Ali Storto

Lilliea Ferreira

Subud Fraser Valley:

Mahalia Eliah

Mahmud Nestman (Regional Helper)

Ervin Atchison

Subud Victoria:

Patricia O’Byrne, Dave Hitchcock, Helena Hitchcock, Elfrida Schragen, Thalia Corchia, Deanna Bird, Rechelle Morgan.  That’s a total of 29, so far, and we still have room for more!!  If you thought you had registered, but don’t see your name on the list, please let me know!

Financial assistanceis available. Just let me know on your registration, how much you can afford.  If you plan on traveling by ferry as a foot passenger and need a pick-up, just include the terminal and arrival time on your registration form.

Attached is the registration package for this year’s gathering. As we are getting close to the registration deadline (June 10), please either send your registration by email or let me know that your “registration is in the mail”.

Others have asked:“What happens at a Bethlehem Retreat?”

This largely depends on what is decided at the Opening Circle on Friday evening, but to give you some idea, attached is the schedule from last year’s (2017) retreat.

Here are more comments from some Subud brothers and sisters who have been to Bethlehem in the past:

“As an ‘isolated’ member it is very meaningful for me to attend Bethlehem Retreat Centre as well as one or two other gatherings a year if I can afford them.  I need as much group latihans as I can get!  Bethlehem was affordable; the meals were excellent for the cost, the common rooms very comfortable for meetings, opening and closing circle etc.  I love the round chapel for latihan and testing and the regional and national helpers gave us lots of care and attention, with many members finding opportunities for personal testing and support for life challenging issues. The setting on the lake is world class, with beautiful lawns and garden areas, and even a labyrinth for those who enjoy contemplation while walking.  I am very grateful to everyone who made this retreat possible and I recommend it highly to all Subud members!”

“While I was at one of the airports waiting for a flight I remembered something Sudarto had said years ago. It seems that a Subud member had asked him if it was really necessary for Subud members to Latihan together or be in groups or attend gatherings. From what I remember, Sudarto told this member that Subud members were like lumps of coal. You gather all these lumps together and put them in a bag, then the drawstring is tightened and you begin shaking the bag. After maybe a few years you open up this bag and look in.  You still see lumps of coal but at least now they have become smooth and shiny. While you close up the bag again and continue shaking for more time. Then one day you open up this bag and instead of finding a bag full of lumps of coal you have a bag full of diamonds. That for me sort of summed up the Bethlehem gathering we just had. For an isolated member, which I now am, this past weekend was like heaven on earth and I got to share and or experience it with some of the most beautiful diamonds I have ever met.”

Please don’t delay, register today!

Dave Hitchcock

Bethlehem Retreat Organizer