SGS General Meeting Oct 16, 2016

There was a good turnout and a lively discussion about the current operations and state of the Subud Greater Seattle community after Latihan, October 16, 2016. In addition to reports about the state of the House, the Centerprise, Finances and other aspects of SGS, Sebastian Tedrow, the Executive Director of Subud USA gave a report of what is happening with Subud USA:

Our new National Committee is Mary Wold chairperson Lucas Boladian vice Chair, and Rafiq Dossani treasurer. We do not have a secretary yet. Volunteers welcome.

We are still looking for a site for the 2017 National Gathering on the East Coast. We have tentative dates of June 30-July 4, 2017. It will be a kejiwaan/wings gathering not a business congress.  I have been looking for a venue for some time but I am currently trying to narrow it down to either the Baltimore or Atlanta area after looking at a number of other possible sites which have proven either two small or two expensive. At the national congress a subcommittee was set up the help with determining future congress sites. It should help in the future. Currently we plan on having the 2018 National Congress on the West Coast on one side or the other of the 4th of July, because Ramadan will be during the Memorial Day weekend from 2017-2019. My current favorite is the Vancouver WA Hilton which we have used 3 time before.

It was related that Latihan for Sunday, November 13 was cancelled and all the minutes compiled with care by Hadiyah Carlyle are posted here:

General Meeting Minutes Subud Greater Seattle, Oct 16,2016

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