Robert Knill has Passed!

Robert is in the middle!

Our longtime Subud brother, Robert Knill last night has passed to the other side.  I met Robert in San Francisco in 1963 and felt an immediate attraction to him as a brother and friend.  We were young and enthralled with being in Subud and experiencing all that entailed in those early days with Bapak.  Robert was always a steadfast Subud member and helped out in every way he could to make the latihan available to all.  In those early days in San Francisco Subud was a vibrant organization with many get togethers, picnics and congresses. We would meet on many occasions behind the buffalo pens in Golden Gate Park while having picnics and playing volleyball and softball together.  Robert was always a major part of those gatherings. 

When Marlena told me Robert was near the end of his time on Earth, I felt like doing a latihan for him.  It was a particularly strong latihan and at one time I had the feeling that Robert’s soul was embracing me!  It was very touching and made me cry to have that experience.

Robert will be missed by many, his family, friends and Subud family.  I have included photos of Robert through his over sixty years in Subud in the link below!