Report on the Regional Helper Visit to Portland April 22 & 23

Women’s Report from Elizabeth Flanders

On the women’s side, we tested with three ladies on Saturday. The questions were about important life issues and the women left satisfied. Praise God!

There were around 25 women for the group latihan and testing. First we tested the purpose of the gathering, the gifts waiting and the state to be in to receive them.

Next we tested for each to receive a question. About 10 women stepped forward with questions about compassion, unconditional love, grieving, surrender, forgiveness and peace. We didn’t share about what we received. I’m all for clear communication, but there is a plus side to not talking, but just being together in the latihan.

After group testing, we offered awakening testing for those interested. We had 15 participate including us.

The luncheon was wonderful. I haven’t known the Portland group very well, just faces from events. I had so many in depth conversations with folks for the first time! I loved it!

We got enthusiastic feedback from the women members, all very positive.

Men’s Report from Elisha Gullixson

Our schedule began at 4:30 on Saturday, doing some personal testing with one of the Portland brothers.

Sunday morning latihan was attended by (I didn’t count the house) upwards of 20 men, and almost all stayed afterward for the testing and discussion.

Testing questions were volunteered from the group.  Subjects included surrender and how to do it, latihan and life, faith and trust; one question engendered another, and in the end touched on a broader array of subjects than I can remember here.  Then an animated discussion about the helper’s group solidarity bubbled to the surface.

There was an open concern about reaching out to newer members, especially those with different lifestyles. There was a definite sense of unburdening and opening up, which seemed to me to lead to acceptance and mutual understanding.

Afterward, the entire assembly, men and women, piled into the kitchen/social area for lunch.  Portland potlucks have a ‘flavor’ all their own, delicious and nutritious.  Lunchtime was leisurely and extended, everyone obviously enjoying each others’ company.

The resumption of kedjiwaan activities was economical, mostly just a look-in at some small left over questions.  The major issues had been addressed in the morning session.

The feedback that I heard indicated the Portland people were appreciative of the event, and glad they were there.

Future Events:

  • Subud Greater Seattle visit (Date TBD)
  • Southern Oregon visit (Date TBD)
  • The Great Create: Aug. 24th to 27th
  • Menucha: Nov. 9th to 12th