Paul & Nadia Woodcock Recovering from Fire

Paul and Nadia Woodcock, members of the Skagit Valley/Bellingham Group, suffered a house fire in the early morning of February 22nd. The house is not livable and they had to walk away – Nadia with only her jammies and socks that night. They are sorting belongings with insurance representatives to identify what is salvageable and the house may take six months to re-construct. Meantime they are living in temporary housing. Paul is well known as a professional birder and for the popular bird tours he leads for the Skagit group for their annual fundraiser. As it happens, they were awake when the fire started at 1 am, which is why it burned only 30% – but with water and smoke damage throughout and now asbestos abatement, the house is a loss. Nadia wrote: “To me the very worst part is that most likely it was our beloved oldest son who started the fire. Off his meds, paranoid and now in the county jail.” Their son was diagnosed with schizophrenia 20 years ago.

Prayers, well wishes and healing thoughts for Paul and Nadia – and their son – are very welcome during this difficult time.

House_Back1 NadiaPaul