Message from Rayma and News Items

Rayma’s Experience at the Kejiwaan Retreat

Gathering at Menucha Retreat Center this past weekend with 85 Subud members left me with a
feeling of gratitude that I carried home and remains with me as I write. There was enough of
everything. Enough together time, enough apart time, enough time for latihan and testing,
enough support from fellow travelers on this path.

As is the tradition, we sat in a large circle at the beginning of our time together there. Each of
us introduced ourselves and said a few words about why we had come and what we hoped for.

At the end, again in a circle, we each shared a bit of what we were taking away. This year, the
take-away for many was a feeling of deepened experiences in the latihans, and more connection with others present and within our greater Subud community. Love, really. I pray that feeling travels with each of us into our daily lives in the aftermath of our time together.

It was great to connect again with lots of long-time Subud members, and with some of their adult children, and also to meet Jennifer, who had come after being opened just 4 days earlier
in Palo Alto. Not only that, but seven members from Subud Canada made the trip, too!

My take-away was a sense of reawakening and reconnection. A sense of possibilities. Thank you to everyone who put in a lot of hard work to help make this past weekend a reality.
-Rayma Norton

Holiday party and 50th anniversary of the purchase of the Seattle Subud house, Sunday, December 10th!  Planning is in progress, volunteers needed!
Annual general meeting January 14th, 2024, with election of officers.  Will YOU be one?
Likely event February 11th, 2024.  A Super Bowl alternative!
Want to go to a latihan?  Here are some options!
Sundays in Seattle 11:00AM
Tuesdays in Seattle 10:00AM
Frequent Thursdays on the Eastside in each other’s homes, Men and Women, 7:30 PM, dessert and conversation after,
contact Rayma, Rachman, or Oswald for current times and directions.
Thursdays in Kent: 6:00PM, currently just men, but there is room for Women also.  Contact Daniel.
Some Thursdays in Seattle, Men only (currently), 6:00 PM. Check with Nathaniel.
Some Fridays on the Eastside, 5:15 PM, currently Women only, but there is room for men also.  Contact Annie.