Bapak’s Birthday!

Dearest Subud USA,

We are sending you this invitation from Subud Indonesia, along with our love and gratitude to each of you.

May we all receive the blessings Bapak asked for us and may we be guided by his example.

May we pray for the blessings of Almighty God for Bapak, and may Bapak be near us – at the anniversary of his birth and always.
Subud USA National Helpers
Benjamin Boyce
Michal Brownell
Loretta Covert
Jim Dehner
Latidjah Miller
Sofia Nicoletti
David Nicoletti
Dearest all Subud brothers & sisters around the globe,

(Note: 5.00 am Central Java, Indonesia time on Thursday 22nd June is 6pm Eastern/ 5pm Central/ 4pm Mountain/ 3pm Pacific and noon Hawaiian time on Wednesday,  June 21.)
Friendly reminder: according to autobiography of YM Bapak Subuh that YM Bapak Subuh was born on June 22 at 5 AM in central Java, Indonesia. As always and in divine memory of that, there will be a very special Latihan Kejiwaan on June 22 at 5 AM in Indonesia’s time calendar. So please kindly set your calendar and alarm accordingly to feel the vibration of this special Latihan Kejiwaan simultaneously. Together.
At last but not least, please do spread this calling to all Subud members in every block and corner around the globe.
May YM Bapak Subuh always guide the Latihan Kejiwaan we do.

Latihans abound!
Sundays in Seattle 11:00AM
Tuesdays in Seattle 10:00AM
Thursdays in Kent: 6:00PM, currently just men, but there is room for Women also.
Thursdays in Seattle, Men only (currently), 6:00 PM
Frequent Thursdays on the Eastside, Men and Women, often preceded by dinner, contact Rayma, Rachman, or Oswald
Fridays on the Eastside, 5:15 PM, currently Women only, but there is room for men also.  Contact Annie.