50th Anniversary Photos!

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the purchase of our lovely Subud house, and extra thanks for the bounty of delicious food!
Thanks also to David and Maryka for providing music, to Sebastian and Lorraine for perusing the treasure trove of documents which Salamah received from David Freeman.
It turns out that the timing of our event was truly serendipitous.  December 10th, the day of our gathering, was fifty years to the day from the first inspection of the property by the Subud committee in 1973!
The 50th anniversary mugs, designed by SICA board member Roberta Hoffman, are beautiful.  We still have quite a few.  If you would like one, please ask.  It would be helpful to include a donation to defray the mug costs (a little over $15).
Finally, please remember!  We’ll have an annual general meeting and election of officers on Sunday, January 14th.  The present committee has served steadfastly through COVID.  It’s time for a change-will you be a new committee member?
  We are discussing having the option of remote attendance for the meeting.

Link to all Rachman’s photos from our 50th anniversary and holiday party: https://photos.app.goo.gl/JUsGYCGz59DLSTS39