Subud Committee Meeting Minutes from 4.28.13

Subud Greater Seattle Unofficial Minutes (prepared by Oswald Norton)
Meeting Date: 4/28/13
Attending: Oswald, David, Paul, Hadiyah, Marston, Elisha (Please add your names if I missed you. Sorry!)


  • Financial Report
  • Sprint Street Center
  • Communications
    • Website
    • Yahoo
    • Eastside Group
  • Social Events
  • Committee

Financial Report

  • Better donations to center this quarter vs this quarter last year
  • Desire to have Sprint Street separate accounting from center to show where income and donations separately
  • A way needed to communicate to members the need.
    • Agreed: That Sherwin should have access to the website and do a monthly report on income.

Spring Street Center

  • Ramp Discussion
    • Marston will help with finance research
    • Marston and Paul will analyze the impact of ramp rental on income
    • David will do a quote for himself and ask Marston’s company to bid as well
  • Upcoming and current rentals
    • April good
    • May not much income
    • June looks OK
    • Need steady ads and steady marketing to promote center
  • Spring Street Marketing
    • How to get more traffic?
    • Marston suggested “The Knot” as an option
    • Create a Marketing Plan?
    • Paul pulls stats on site visits to our Spring Street center website as an indicator of who’s looking at the site. He correlates that to the bookings received.
    • Agreed that Marston and Paul would come up with a proposal for our meeting in May this would be discussed and voted on.
  • Sprint St. Renovation
    • List of items needing repair has been created
      • Safety items needed will cost around $500
        • Bannister for going to the upstairs – almost came off during an event.
        • Lights to illuminate the front of the house – renters are unable to see their way to the street after events.
          • Action: We agreed to go with a more professional look than the solar lights and would put in a permanent poll light
      • Other items
        • Flyer box outside the house with Spring Street rental info


  • How are we communicating to the members
    • We need some education of committee members on how Yahoo Groups communicates out to the committee
  • We are using Mail Chimp as our communications out to the members through our center Word Press
    • Action: We need to come up with an editorial schedule of contributors to the site with a monthly rhythm.
  • Julia Hurd will do a story on the Seattle Group website.  Paul is going to work with her on this.


  • Events: Jun1 and August there are events planned
  • May 19th there is a general meeting and brunch

Agenda for 5/26 meeting

  • Main Topic: Communications
    • Rhythm of input for each committee member
    • SICA events in June and member participation
    • SICA event in August – Moroccan poet here. Later travels to California

Regular items to be covered as well:

  • Financial Report
  • Sprint Street Center
  • Communications
    • Website
    • Yahoo
    • Eastside Group
  • Social Events
  • Committee
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