Subud USA Newsletter

The new Subud USA newsletter (National Dewan E-Blast #25) has arrived in emailboxes around the continent. Subjects include: 

Oklahoma: A Note from Muti on Behalf of Ibu Rahayu
National Gathering
Our Summer Gathering Under the Deep Blue Sky
National Gathering Assistance Fund
Dedicating Bapak’s Birthday, June 22, to Fasting and Prayer
Registration for the Subud World Congress in Puebla, Mexico Now Live
Subud Boulder “Newlyweds” Produce their First “Book Baby”
Registration Open for 2014 World Congress
Ramadan in the Sun
New SYA USA Co-Chair Needed
Cash Prize Given by SICA International
New Canadian Website
Trustee of the Muhammad Subuh Foundation Needed
Cookbook: Call for Recipes
Zone 7 Council Meeting
Photos Needed from Prior World Congresses

One interesting call was this one:

Stefan Freedman of the UK is hosting a new web site that asks Subud people to describe what the latihan experience is like for you. Imagine that you’re talking frankly to a genuinely interested friend. You might include what the experience was like at first and how – if at all – it has changed over time. Do you feel it has affected your life, changed your attitudes, and so on? We hope that from a wide variety of different people’s descriptions that a multidimensional picture of the latihan will emerge. Send replies to Stefan at

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