Prayers Needed for Phil Padilla

This today from Melinda Wallis:

Please say prayers or do latihan for Phillip Padilla (son of Evan Padilla and Halima Moyen). He is in Overlake Hospital in intensive care being treated for a cardiac arrest. Please pray for his survival, that he will awaken for good recovery.

Please say prayers for his family as well.

Thank you,

8:06p Monday update: …He does seem to enjoy being read to. This morning, his friend read the sports page to him, and his heart rate went up. We can tell he is listening. He opened his eyes several times this afternoon, and also tried to speak. They had to paralyze him again to keep him from responding, to conserve energy and prevent brain damage. We are very hopeful that tomorrow or wednesday, he’ll be able to wake up.

6:58p Monday (5.27.13) update: Annie says Phillip is opening his eyes and showing other good signs. Also, on Facebook she said: “They are weaning him off the vent, and his labs are pretty good right now. Vital signs are fine. Seems to be doing okay right now.”

Annie Padilla is the contact person for this and she is:

putting together a schedule for family and friends to help us with coverage. We are trying to have someone with Phil at least during the day and evening. Today is covered. If you are able to come to Overlake hospital during the day or evening this week, beginning tomorrow, we could use the help. They are allowing visitors into the ICU… Anyone who comes must remember he can hear us, but just cannot respond. All conversation in the room should be positive, and hopeful. If you need to reach me, call either (H) 425-453-5704 or my cell: 425-246-1467.

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