New Committee for Subud Greater Seattle!

Report from Elisha:
“This is the new committee for Subud Greater Seattle: Former Vice Chairman/Acting Chairman Jim O’Halloran was chosen through testing as Chairman.
The new Vice Chairperson is Bhakti Watts, also selected through testing.
Ramon was asked by Chairman Jim, accepted, and will perform the duties of Secretary.
And Oswald Norton has agreed to take over as Treasurer, replacing Sherwin O’Bar after a long and consummate tenure.   Everyone was pleased with the results of the meeting and are looking forward to the service of the new committee, a most capable group.”
New (and old) chairman, Jim O’Halloran
Also from Elisha:
In the SGS membership meeting today (1/27/19), during the selection of the new committee, the question of “member-at-large” came up. At this time a fog of bewilderment rose up in the room. Personally, I am at the end of my tether with the mysterious concept of “member-at-large.”  No one here has ever defined it, to my knowledge.  I am convinced that there are not more than two members of SGS who can supply the definition-and-duties intelligibly. Would it be possible that anyone might offer the rest of us a clear understanding what a “member-at-large” actually is, what duties that person would perform, and WHY WE NEED ONE?
From Rachman:
I can’t answer the question about ‘member-at-large’ but I personally don’t think the position is necessary.
Thank you, Elisha, for giving us the news about the new committee!
Eastside news: 
Rayma Norton is now active as a helper for the Eastside latihan!  Thank you, Rayma!
Our newest memberNadjmat Abdoulhakime, has left to go home to Paris for a short while before leaving on an extended stay in Cilandak where she will be volunteering for one of our Subud social projects there.  We wish her well on her new adventure!

Recent email note from Najmat:

“My main mission part of the Yum Foundation will be to support and help “improve their management and financial control skills”
“The second aspect of my mission will be to help with their digital transformation. This year the foundation is planning to digitalize their work (using Google For Non Profit), organizing files so all 3 offices (Jakarta, Cipanas and Kalimantan) so they can share data easily. Hence they are also planning to improve their Social Impact Measurement and I will be helping with that as well.”
Photos from the Eastside wishing Nadjmat a good trip!