Holiday Party & Day of Forgiveness

Day of Forgiveness

Day of Forgiveness

Holiday Party Dec 22 after latihan. We will be honoring the Stralbergs and Tedrows, old time members who have recently joined our group. Annie Padilla and Hadijah O’Bar are coordinating the food for this event. Please call Hadijah O’Bar if you would like to contribute. 425-246-9242.

Day of Healing and Forgiveness, Sunday Dec 29. Just prior to the New Year the helpers of Subud Greater Seattle invite all members and former members to a Kedjiwan day of healing and forgiveness.

Those who would like to participate would fast in the morning in the most appropriate way for you and come to the Seattle Subud House for the Sunday latihan at 11 am. Before the latihan begins the helpers will offer a prayer that this latihan will be one of healing for our group. After the latihan is over everyone would break fast together.

Through this effort we hope that our center may enter the New Year fresh and unencumbered.

Note: This invitation is extended to all members and former members of Subud Greater Seattle. If you cannot attend, we hope you will join us through fasting and prayer for our center.

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