Eastside Latihan — New Venue

I am pleased to report that we have just agreed with UCC Bellevue (Bellevue United Church of Christ) to rent latihan spaces with them.  I will go over tomorrow to fill in the paperwork.  I will pickup two keys from our security team later in the week so that we can meet this Friday at 8 pm, Setember 16th.

The church is located at the corner of NE 8th and 108th NE in downtown Bellevue at:

752 – 108th Avenue NE

Bellevue, Washington  98004-5108


Take I-5 and get off at 8th St. and go toward Belle Square and it is on the left going West just past the Marriott Hotel.

I recommend that everyone park in the back of the building (East side) for this first meeting at 8 pm so that we can all get oriented at the same time.

Here are some details that are very important:


1.       The ‘keys’ are swipe badges.  The key will be given to whomever will take personal responsibility for ensuring that the key is not lost. These keys would allow access to vital areas of the building and compromise the security of those sections, along with the area of the rooms we’re using should the key be lost.

2.       They have granted us the use (for the same price) of a small kitchen in our coffee area right outside of the sanctuary. We only need to bring our own supplies and clean up after ourselves.  Anyone for bringing coffee and tea and cookies for this Friday?

3.       I have ensured that we have free parking behind the building as well as in front.  Parking will be easy.

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