Daniella Luer Passes Away

From Halstein Stralberg:

I was informed a little while ago that Daniella Luer died about 930 tonight, April 22.  She had been the last couple of days at UCLA hospital in LA.  She was brought there after experiencing a fall and a cardiac arrest on Monday.

Daniella lived many years in Seattle and I thought you would all want to know.  Please pass this information on as I don’t have everyone’s email address.

 Also this:

Malama MacNeil

8:32 AM (15 minutes ago)

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rom: Hamidatun Karapetian <hamidatun1969@gmail.com>

Daniella Luer’s daughter, Wendy sent a group message that her mom Daniella Luer went into cardiac arrest last night and is at UCLA. She fell and stopped breathing because the tumors are growing and pushing on the arteries.
Today she is unresponsive and in the ICU at UCLA. The women helpers in LA have done latihan….and will continue.

Wendy would love prayers or latihan “for” her Mom.

​Respond to Hamidatun for more information or to send regard.
Thank you for sharing in the fellowship of prayer,
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