Could you be our new treasurer?

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

At the end of the year, I (Oswald Norton) will no longer be serving as your treasurer.  Rayma and I will be spending gradually more and more time in the Los Angeles area with our daughter starting in January 2022. 

The duties of the job:

  • Member Donations
    • Deposit checks in US Bank
    • Update quicken with member donation information
    • Send out annual Donation Letters reporting on total annual giving
  • Pay bills
  • Create the monthly financial report
    • Import data into Quicken 
    • Create monthly financial report using Quicken and Microsoft Excel
    • Provide a summary written report on the group’s finances
  • Attend Committee Meetings once a month
    • Participate in Committee work and decisions
    • Present the report
  • Taxes
    • Compile data for SPNW treasurer to report to IRS
    • Complete B&O reports with Seattle and State and pay any taxes that are due.

It is extremely important for our group to have someone who can devote a couple of hours a week to doing this work. The processes are in place. It is not difficult.

When I took over the job from Sherwin O’Bar, I began documenting all of the duties for this position. Your committee has also worked diligently on making the job simpler.

This means that there would a simpler job for the new treasurer than the one I took over.  And, there will be documentation that the new treasurer to refer to when the need arises.

My hope is that someone will step forward in the Fall so that I can have time to provide training and answer any questions.

If you would like to assume this position, please let me know now because we will need time to transfer over control of our finances. Due to ever increasing security needs in handling finances, the person who fills this role will need to go through a process with US Bank to have access to our information. I wish to assist in the transition process to make this possible. It will also require participation from our regional treasurer. 

Your Brother In Subud, Oswald