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07.01.2023 Dewan Minutes

Dewan Meeting Minutes July 1, 2023 Saturday
Jim O’Halloran                          Chair
Ramon                                       Vice Chair
Alexa Wichert                           Secretary
Daniel Stralberg                       Treasurer
Rayma Norton                          Woman’s  Helper
Elisha Gullixson                        Men’s Helper
Nathanial                                   Men’s Helper

Meeting called to order 12:25pm
Check In
Review Agenda
Alexa moved that we accept the 6.3.23 minutes, Ramon seconds.  Approved unanimously.

Kejiwan Day with testing, potluck, listening to talk, no agenda…perhaps combined with a general meeting in May? or perhaps scheduled for each month on the 3rd or 4th Sunday of the month? should this be a regularly set scheduled event?
-will purchase MAC adaptor until we need it
-alexa take photos of ceiling cracks in women’s hall & send to Jim for yearly monitoring
-Paul Lowe is working with Marston on Lower Kitchen Counter Bid
-powerwashing bids will be sent to Jim and online voting on bids will happen w committee
-jim to purchase fence post caps
-debbie is going to test karen’s heaters/air conditioners/bracketts and test them out
-ramon to set up calendar
-oswald’s ask for 1 x donation
Men’s Helper Report:
-in progress:  setting up voice mail
-steven & jackson & others join for latihan on Thursday
     a privacy concern about zoom/skype/live stream ’sounds/at the material level/vibration can bring other influences’ coming through the phone
     david lynch willing to turn volume down during latihan to address concerns
     Ibu’s official reccomendation is to have “simultaneous latina’s with socializing afterward”
Women’s Helper Report:
Rayma: will try to put a women’s helper report of some sort each month or more/contribute to newsletter before helpers meetings for the Eblast for subud greater seattle
rayma scheduled for 7.3.23
nathanial scheduled for 7.10.23
intermittently Thursday east side Latihan had 8 attended
next one is:   JULY 20, 2023 is the next upcoming at Cantrell’s + dessert social
How to let people know where and when is the challenge
Tuesday’s Women’s Latihan at 10am
House reserved 2nd Sunday of each month for Kedijiwan Day
July 9, 2023   testing, social
How often is Kedjiwan Day:  1 x per month for spiritual life/babak talks
General Meeting is quarterly:  1x per quarter for functional decisions
Opening Sunday May
Reggie, may need assistance getting to latihan
Jackson: comes to Thursday & Sunday latihans
Adam:  just opened and received
Daniel’s Financial Report:  DEFERRED
  • Debbie will clean interior windows in women’s latihan hall – soon
  • Karen will send pictures of her airconditioning units she will donate to Subud
  • Trees:  plan to nurture currently planted trees to encourage growth and future shade
  • DISCUSS AT GM:  basement kitchen discussion needed:  desires, budget, scope, use, awning outside….etc
  •  new queen size mattress will be purchased with Debbie’s Subud Credit Card.  the card limit is $400. (iTrips extended the offer to utilize their cc to defray the debt on our income being taxed)
  • all rugs cleaned DEFERRED
  • post caps JIM WILL GET TO IT
  • new rug in, Andy Wichert fixed the inner door and committee installed
Nathanial:  friend’s massage business idea tabled til September.
A motion to adjourn was made by Alexa and seconded by Jim.  The motion carried unanimously.
Meeting adjourned at 1:36pm
Respectfully submitted by Alexa Wichert 7.1.2023