April 14 Entertainment Potluck

You are invited to a Subud potluck on Sunday, April 14, 2013, for food, music, poetry & conversation. Festivities start after latihan, around 12N.

Members A – F, bring an animal product/or some kind of Main Course dish.
Members G – L, bring a side-dish.
Members M – S, bring dessert/drinks.
Members T – Z, bring gluten-free options.

Please call David Lynch (360) 742.6211 or Hadiyah Carlyle (206) 271.4577, as they are coordinating entertainment. (Can we get Marston to do mime? Will Jim bring his flute?)

Hey, did you see the new handicap-friendly sidewalk ramps the city put in on March 29??

New Sidewalk Ramps!

New Sidewalk Ramps!