Susila Dharma Event Sunday October 21st



Subud Greater Seattle

Susila Dharma Event

Sunday October 21st

Luncheon will be served after latihan at the Seattle Subud House

Please come and enjoy a fabulous lunch catered by Debbie Machado Santos.  Our Subud sister, Debbie, is a renowned chef and caterer and will be preparing a gourmet meal for your enjoyment.

Our guest speaker will be Marilyn Schirk.  Marilyn has been on the forefront of Susila Dharma for over ten years.  She has raised funds and been a liaison for numerous projects around the world.  

She is currently working for Anisha, a Subud agricultural project located in a very drought prone area of Southern India.  Marilyn wrote and was awarded a $40,000 grant for Anisha which she is now working to administer. Next month she will be going to India to visit the project.

Please come and hear how Anisha is doing and learn how Susila Dharma is working to change lives in some of the most difficult areas of the world.  

Suggested donation – $25.00 per person