World Subud Association – Annual Report

Dear All,

Last year, as I was writing the annual message, the pandemic was already in full swing, affecting our lives in general, and our Subud lives in particular.
Alas, things have improved only marginally, and parts of the world are now suffering the worst of it. We continue to be tested in ways that were unimaginable only 18 months ago.
Latihans in many countries are limited, with members having to do their latihan at home on their own.
The International Helpers have not been able to travel, of course, and that limited the ability of the WSA to serve you as we would like. International gatherings planned for 2020 had to be canceled, and all essential meetings migrated online – not just meetings of the international bodies, but also many national congresses.
The international congress had to be postponed and is now scheduled for early January 2024.
If there was a silver lining, it was the increased attendance at these online / Zoom meetings by members who otherwise wouldn’t normally attend. Working online allowed the organizational side to continue, and a lot of useful work has been done.
In the likely scenario where our ability to travel remains curtailed for a while yet, I would like to encourage everyone to join us as observers – at least at the quarterly World Subud Council meetings. We welcome your interest in the work of the Council, and it has never been as easy to observe our work.
We are encouraged by our ability to keep in touch and support each other during this dark, long winter, finding that our organization is resilient and capable of handling the crisis.
Please stay safe and healthy, take good care of each other, and hopefully we shall all meet in person soon.
Nahum Harlap
WSA Chair