The Helper’s Corner

This is a new segment.  It was asked that the helpers make a contribution each month to the newsletter.  Thanks, Aliza for getting it started!

Concerning the spread of Subud, sharing online comments from Subud brother, Sebastian van ‘t Hoff.

“As regards the spread of Subud, here are some snippets which formed my attitude on this subject.

Once we had a question-and-answer session in Sydney where people asked Ibu Rahayu what we could do to bring more people to Subud. (Unfortunately, this session was not recorded, so, I will have to go by what I remember.) Ibu said that because there are hardly any members yet who have the qualities of Susila, Budhi and Dharma, it was no use for God to send hundreds of people to Subud as they would be unimpressed with us and leave soon after they were opened. She advised us to work on improving our own latihan first and leave the rest to God.

Interestingly, she mentioned God “sending people to Subud.” This confirms what many of us have observed, that so many seem guided towards the latihan. I have never seen anything come from willful approaches and creative schemes to actively get in more members, however well-meant these were. This approach too often seems to forget God’s role in this. Bapak once said that if it was only up to us, Subud would never have spread so quickly and to so many countries, in the late fifties. Clearly there is something at work here which goes far beyond us.

The spread of Subud in Ukraine and Malawi in recent years, are examples of this. Emmanuel Aronie and Ruslan Moore (and before them, Rofe) were given a role by the Almighty to help the spread of Subud. None of these men asked for this or willfully followed their desires in this. They were “chosen” for this job. Contrary to what some people believe that nowadays we need to avoid religious connotations in Subud, in the case of Ukraine, the majority of the members are Christians and in the case of Malawi, all are Muslims.

Several of us might also remember Mas Adji saying that after Bapak died, Subud would go through a dip, but he could see that in the future there would be certain Subud members of a high spiritual level around whom flourishing Subud groups would arise. This might be related to the well-known story of Varindra’s dream about the 40 stars, Bapak explaining that there are 40 high souls on their way to help Subud. Recently we tested what we could do to help the spread of Subud. I received that I should be deeper in myself, more surrendered in my latihan and in my daily life and closer to God. Perhaps it meant that if I am in that state, people might be naturally attracted to me, God willing. Others had similar receivings. Anyway, I thought I’d share this with you. Peace and blessings to you all.”