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Subud Lewes Wins!

St. Anne's School (Lewes)

St. Anne’s School (Lewes)

Subud Lewes came out as the top bidder of the former St. Anne’s School site in Lewes (UK, East Sussex County)  to repurpose the former school for community needs. A vigorous debate that attempted to portray the Subud organization in Britain and worldwide as a homophobic institution ended up with a decision by the County Council that there had been in fact a “robust bidding process which included consultation with the local community.”

Read the BBC article here: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-sussex-30737188

And for a little bit on the row over Subud’s stance toward the LGBTQ community, see: http://www.thegayuk.com/magazine/4574334751/Lewes-Subud-Responds-To-Open-Letter-Anti-Gay-Allegations/8800350