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The Elderberry Project


At the request of Ibu Rahayu, various members of the Subud community have started to work on developing a Subud entity called the Elderberry Program. Its primary mission is to assist elderly aged 75+ Subud members in the USA who are in need of practical or spiritual assistance in their lives. The program will provide non-monetary assistance through volunteer Subud members. At this time, the Elderberry Team (Mardiah Tarantino, Rachael Knotz and Marilyn Schirk, and advisor Rosetta Narvaez) is developing the program and will approach the Susila Dharma (SD) USA Board this winter for potential funding for its first year of operation. The Subud USA Board of Directors has agreed unanimously to umbrella the project under its 501c3 tax status to keep its start-up expenses to a minimum while the program is piloted.